Thursday, March 18, 2010


BANZAI7 NEWS--The Sensimillia Experiment Commission (SEC) joined forces with Wall Street firms like Goldman Squid and Merrill Lynched'em, in an attempt to water down an earlier Settlement barring unchaperoned or conflicted communications between research analysts and investment bankers, communications like the ones made as they joined forces to stick it to the American public in the internet debacle (remember that one?--they apparently don't).

The proposed change was rejected by a Federal judge in New York concurrently with revelations last weekend that the Sponge Bobbian enforcement agency admittedly had its head up its ass while Lehman Robbers REPO 105'd (SEC speak: Ganja'd) its balance sheets. Hhhhhhhhtttttttt....

You know, the same rodeo clown bureau that got slapped around by  Federal judge Rakoff for proposing a milque toast settlement with Banksta of America and Kenny Screwless Lewis last fall. Cough, cough....Hhhhhhhhhttttttt....

The same troupe of hands on-the-job web porn surfers and investigative halfwit stoners that stood by as Bernie Madoff pillaged Palm Beach and Park Avenue North, inexplicably ignoring the well substantiated pleas of an industry whistleblower. Far out!

The Agency that was run by a brain fragged surfer dude Bush appointee named  Christopher Cox, as it allowed Wall Street to double inhale from on its mega subprime bong. "Party time, excellent."

The same nest of fools that is currently run by the same Obanksta appointed nimrod do good wannabe who was previously in charge of compliance at Wall Street's so called self regulatory organization, FINRON. The one that included the Bernster's niece and Chief of Compliance, Shana Madoff (has she changed her name yet?), on its compliance advisory board.  Good shit man...where's the cockroach clip?

From the WSJ:

A federal judge threw out this proposed change to the landmark 2003 research settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission and major securities firms. The text below shows the changes the SEC and 12 Wall Street firms proposed, which would have allowed employees in investment-banking and research departments at Wall Street firms to "communicate with each other...outside of the presence" of lawyers or compliance-department officials responsible for policing employee conduct-an activity strictly prohibited by the settlement.

WB7: QUESTION: Where does the Sensimillian Experiment Commission source its THC and medical marijuana supplies?

ANSWER: Larry Summer's office.

Is it not sad that the agency that was once the pride of the American regulatory fleet has come to be  a principal enabler of Washington's much beloved Wall $treet klepto-capitali$t$.

Read all about it here.

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