Monday, September 27, 2010



  1. I wonder what kind of a reading I would get with these? You really cover a lot of bases don't you - periodic table - tarot cards - palmistry - maslow's hierarchy of needs - dante's circles of hell -

    Got any astrology in ya?


  2. Never got deeply into astrology. But I have an appreciation for all arts of divination which is really the school of human nature.

  3. Astrology is a great study of human nature, much better for that than divination, although I have had some shockingly accurate astrological readings from professional astrologers from me contacting them regarding my astrological jewelry.

    If you feel inspired, to create any art related to astrology - I would love to post it on my site (when I get it back in shape enough to re-post it).

    The Subprime Zodiac?
    Foreclosuregate Houses?
    Ruling Planets?

    It would be fun to see you apply your scathing wit to the topic of my creative distraction...

    I would also like to run your chart! It's interesting to see the chart of someone who's art I appreciate. Your sense of irony and the way you put it together makes me suspect a good bit of Libra & Virgo influence - and I wonder expect some intense Scorpio/8th house/Pluto action based on the sexy female pictures you are so fond of posting...

    Natal chart astrology is much more intense than sun-sign astrology. I study it but do not profess to know it - I make gemstone natal charts that people can wear and use to meditate on and memorize their charts with. I consider the natal chart to be like a "syllabus" in the life-school, and find that spiritually-minded people (not generally religious, though) appreciate it as a personal mandala - I don't use astrology for divination - only for it's spiritual symbolism to the individual on the journey.

    I don't think we're allowed to know the future - would take away all the purpose of being here in the first place...? Not that I wouldn't like to - the seeming surety of the end of the golden age of consumerism which I have enjoyed to date is something I do concern myself with - hence my reading zerohedge, etc...

    The earth changes I sense are coming - all this - is very disturbing, which I guess is another reason I appreciate your humor/art - it takes the edge off these serious-seeming topics. If I were more evolved, perhaps I would not consider any of this important...I can only hope the next trip through the bardo is the last...a hope I don't cling to. Perhaps the challenges we have coming will catapult us to spiritual growth/heights unimagined? Scary thought!

  4. I have to find out my exact time of birth.

    I never got too deeply into Astrology, Tarot, palmistry etc. But as an amateur magician, I have always been interested in the human aspect of reading and prediction.

  5. Magician - full of surprises!

    A very powerful Tarot archetype...Mercury in Astrology...intense intellect...

  6. didja find your birth time? If you give me the city & date I can work with that but the time is necessary to have for the houses/ascendant

  7. 2:45 PM 11/23/55 Fukuoka Japan

    Tnx for this ;-)

  8. Very interesting chart! I have run many, but yours is the first one where every sign rules the natural house cusp. Do you want to see it? Also if you would like a detailed report, they are kind of fun to read.

  9. I would love to see it. Could you please send it to

    Happy New Year to you

  10. absolutely brilliant....