Thursday, June 10, 2010

GOLDMAN MERGER WITH BP? (Crossing the Rube Con)

THE PROBLEM: Two reviled companies. Both run by tone deaf CEOs. Both spewing toxic waste into the environment. Both generating exponential cleanup costs and billions worth of litigation. Both being chased by regulators. Both causing untold suffering for their feckless shareholders. Both probably 2Big2Fail and both in dire need of rebranding.

THE SOLUTION: Merge the two companies and rename them...
Meanwhile, the Goldman PR rubes have come up with a web page titled: "Crossing the Rubicon," which sounds like "Rube Con". Well done Lucas! (RUBE CON) "Goldman Slick--Crossing the Rube Con"...catchy!
BTW, here is a picture of the River Rubicon today, the same river where Caeser made his historic crossing. Looks like a paradise for sailing yachts.  Yet another Rube Con Lucas!

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