Monday, September 13, 2010


Commemorating the Financial Meltdown of 2008

Can you find:

George Dubya Bush
Ayn Rand
Erin Callan
Steve Flintstone
Wall Street Madam
Chris "Party Time" Cox
Chucky the Dancer Prince
Sandy 2Big2Fail Weill
Charles Ponzi
Johnny Comode
Hank Greenberg
Senator Dodge
Ronald & Bonzo
Jamie Dimon
Bubba Clinton
Gideon Gono
Barney Rubble
Robert Rubin
Vikram Pandit
Tyler Durden
John Howstheweather
Jimmy Cannibis
Bernie Madoff

Dr Ben
Alan Greenspan
Hank Paulsen
Forest Gump
Bobby Dylan
Christine Romer
Mad Cramer
John Milton Clown
Maria Bartiromo
Uncle Milton
Obama Bin Banksta
Justin Bieber
Stan Oh Shit!
Super Gramm
Father Blankfein
Lucas Van Praag
Neal Cash N Carry
Warren Buffoon

Joey Fast Talk Cassano
Fabrice Tourre
Angelo Godzilla
Dick the Gorilla
Chuckie Fast Trade Schumer
Ken Screwless Lewis
Larry Summers


  1. You've outdone yourself here.

  2. i also have to agree with nswfm, this is great a masterpiece. it took me me 10 minutes to get off the floor from rolling around and laughing!! i have to rate this 2 basis points up !!!

  3. Awesome!!! love it!

  4. They took down zh post?

    You are outtayoomind!
    Precious stuff here.!

    10. Operation 9 Bens keyboard
    8 Candyland 7 Philips machine
    6Periodic chart 5 Eyechart !!
    4 Clue 3 Tarot 2 Monopoly 1 Sargent Pepper!!!

    But the Waddle and Reed Wanted , and the wizard of Oz, has
    resulted in some sore muscles upon tomorrow. Hysterical! And sadsterical.

  5. I kinda miss the days of irrational exuberance... was fun listening to everyone think the party could last forever.

  6. Ever think of making posters of this great work you do ? I like all of it . Wheres the secret telephone number to call and see if Ben "McCartney" Bernanke is really dead ? It should be down in the flowers on bottom ,at least it was in 1967