Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Shaggy - It Wasn't Me
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"It Wasn't Me"--AIG
(Ricardo Ducent)

(Yo', man) Yo'
(Open up, man) What do you want, man?
(My shareholders just caught me) You let them catch you?
(I don't know how I let this happen) With who?
(The financial products unit, you know) Man
(I don't know what to do) Say it wasn't you

PW Coopers came in and caught us red-handed
Trying to hide our subprime surprises next door
Picture this, our books were butt naked, lying on the boardroom floor

How could I forget that AIG
Is a public company
All this time they were standing there
They never took their eyes off me

But now how you can grant the FEDs access to your boardroom
Examiners and witnesses while you cling to your pillow
You better watch your backs before they turn into CEO killers
Best for you and the situation not to call the bean counters
To be a true player you have to know how to play
If they say a night, convince them say a day
Never admit to a word when they say makes a claim
And you tell them in a babble, no way!

But they caught us running up the bonus tab (It wasn't me)
Saw us selling shifty CDS paper so we could collect fast fees (It wasn't me)
Caught us pretending everything was OK while we hid massive liabilities (It wasn't me)
Even caught us in the St Regis SPA (It wasn't me)

They saw the red marks in our CDO books (It wasn't me)
Heard the words that we told the analysts (It wasn't me)
Heard the screams get louder (It wasn't me)
Paulsen waited until it was almost over

Hank came in and caught us red-handed
Trying to push our subprime mess next door
Picture this, our books were butt naked, laying on the boardroom floor

We had tried to keep Congressman Waxman
From what he was about to see
Why should he believe me
When I told him it wasn't me

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