Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You see, the facts will finally show that we did not actually...rob any bank. This gentleman here merely held what appeared to be a gun in his hand. We do not know if in this particular circumstance the gun was loaded or if it was in actuality a gun.

This gentleman only opened the front door of the bank to see if it was crowded. Perfectly legal if I may say so. As for this other capable gentleman, he only said where's all the Francs, I meant cash. I myself only said please fill this bag. Technically, I did not say put money in the bag. I could have meant many other things like shit, crap junk or lemons. Pure speculations!

I would like to add, that the bank personnel were all highly sophisticated. They were absolutely able to fend for themselves.

So you see, none of us in fact did anything wrong in these circumstances. I am insulted my the insinuations concerning my good name.

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