Saturday, April 24, 2010


"We didn't dodge the mortgage mess...We lost money then made more than we lost because of shorts."
Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Fellas)

"Pure intellectual masturbation."

"What if we created a "thing", which has no purpose, which is absolutely conceptual and highly theoretical and which nobody knows how to price."

A "Frankenstein" monster that had "turned against its own inventor."
Fabrice Tourre (Subprime Frankenstein)

"Tells you what might be happening to people who don't have the big short."
David Viniar (Its a Wonderful Scam)

"Sounds like we will make serious money."
Michael Swenson (Take the Money You Scum)

"Obviously, the content of the emails is highly embarrassing, but we've fund no evidence of wrong doing."
Samuel Robinson (All The President's Squids)

Squids in Denial                                                            

According to the Times Online, five senior directors of Goldman Sachs, including Michael Sherwood, the co-head of its London office, sold shares in the bank after the SEC first warned it may take legal action over he fraud claims last July.

Smelly, smelly, smelly.............smelly!

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  1. I read this on the NYTimes site before seeing it here, but I like your version better. I had some similar thoughts, but like your expression of them more.