Sunday, October 19, 2008



By WilliamBanzai7

Absquatulate- To disappear or get out of Dodge City

Alamo- The fall of Lehman

Ace-high ~ Highest rating agency score.

According to Hoyle ~ Regulatory requirements. Hoyle is the card playing dictionary.

A hog-killin' time ~A market bubble

A lick and a promise ~Private placement

Bad medicine-Bad market news

Big hat no cattle- Alan Greenspan

At sea ~ at a loss, not comprehending. "When it comes to finance, I am at sea."

Balled up ~ Confused investor.

Bail out-Bail out

Bandito- A short seller

Bang-up ~ first rate. Similar to "heck of a" "The SEC sure did a bang-up job."

Bartenders- Rating agencies

Bear sign ~ Cowboy term for financial trouble.

Beat the devil around the stump ~ to evade responsibility or a difficult task. "Quit beatin' the devil around the stump and bail that sucker out."

Bend an elbow ~Forcing a bank to accept bailout money

Bender ~ drunk. "Wall Street's off on another bender."

Best bib and tucker ~ your best pinstripes.

Big gun ~ A Central Banker "He's one of the Feds big buns."

Bilk ~ Fraudulent behavior

Bone orchard ~ Cratered deals.

Boot Hill- The United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District New York

Bunko artist ~ Quantitative engineer

Bushwack- Selling repos or getting votes

Buzzard food- Level 3 asset

By hook or crook ~ to do any way possible.

Calaboose ~ White collar correctional facility.

Catawamptiously-Thoroughly, utterly. Catawamptiously insolvent!

Cattle Baron--Private equity honcho

Cattle Kate-Female investment banker

Chucklehead-An AIG executive

Chinaman- One who is loaded with free cash

Chisel, chiseler ~ to cheat or swindle, a cheater.

Clean his/your plow ~ A good or bad trade

Coffee boiler ~ Jr Analyst

Copper a bet ~ Hedging or being prepared against loss. "I'm just coppering my position."

Come a cropper ~ come to ruin, fail, or fall heavily. "He had big plans to get rich, but it all come a cropper, when the bank failed."

Croaker ~ pessimist, doomsayer. "Nouriel Roubini is just an old croaker."

Crowbait ~ derogatory term for a poor-quality asset class.

Difficulty ~ euphimism for trouble, often the shootin' or otherwise violent kind. "He had to leave Wall Street on account of a difficulty with the SEC."

Deadbeat ~ Unemployed banker.

Dinero ~ from the Spanish, a word for money.

Don't care a continental ~ Don't give a damn about the EURO.

Down on ~ opposed to. "He is really down on cheap leverage."

Dragged out ~ fatigued, worn out.

Dreadful ~ very. "Oh, these CDOs are dreadfully lucrative."

Dry gulch ~ Short seller ambush.

Dude ~ an Easterner, or anyone in up-scale town clothes, rather than plain range-riding or work clothes.

Dude ranch- Bond conference

Eucher, euchered ~ to out-smart someone, to be outwitted or suckered into something. "We sure euchered that pension manager"

Fandango ~ from the Spanish, a big deal closing party with lots of dancing and excitement.

F Troop- The United States Securities Exchange Commission

Federales-Washington regulators

Fetch ~ bring, give. "Fetch me my blackberry."

Flannel mouth ~ an overly smooth or fancy talker, especially politicians or derivative salesmen. "I swear that banker is a flannel-mouthed liar."

Flush ~ prosperous, rich.

Fork over ~ pay out.

Four-flusher ~ a cheat, swindler, liar.

Friendlies- Gullible investors

Full as a tick ~ Irrationally exuberant.

Fuss ~ disturbance. "They had a little fuss at the FED."

Get it in the neck ~ get cheated, misled, bamboozled. Goldman gave it to AIG in the neck.

Get the mitten ~ to be rejected by a potential investor. "Looks like the Koreans gave poor Fuld the mitten."

Ghost Rider- Bull market investor

Go through the mill ~ gain trading experience. (Often the hard way.)

Gold Country- The Gulf States

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- Goldman, Lehman, Bear Stearns

Hired Gun- Wall Street lawyer

Hole in the Wall Gang-Private equity fund managers

Hoosegow ~ jail.

Hot as a whorehouse on nickel night ~ volatile market

Is that a bluff, or do you mean it for real play? ~ Are you serious?

The Heckowy Tribe-AIG "Where the heck ah we?"

Hostile Indians-Mumbai short sellers

Jig is up ~ scheme/game is over, exposed. Loss of all market confidence

The "Hanging Judge"- Judge Rakoff

Let slide/ let drive/ let fly ~ go ahead, let go. "If you think you want trouble, then let fly."

Light (or lighting) a shuck ~ to get the hell out of here in a hurry. "I'm lightin' a shuck for Bermuda."

Loot- Bonuses

Lynch Mob- Angry shareholders.

Mudsill ~ low-life, thoroughly disreputable banker.

Nailed to the counter ~ proven a lie. That road show presentation is nailed to the counter.

Necktie social- Shareholder meeting

Nuclar weapon-Credit default swap

OK Coral- NY Federal Reserve Bank

Odd stick ~ eccentric person. "Judge Greenspan sure is an odd stick."

Of the first water ~ first class. "It's a security of the first water."

Outlaw- Errant banker

Passin the buck ~ What Wall Street CEOs all do.

Pay through the nose ~ Settle of a credit default swap counter party.

Peter out ~ Cheap market rallies peter out.

Pistolero- Short trade hedge fund guru.

Play to the gallery ~ to show off. "That's just how he is, always has to play to the gallery."

Plunder ~ personal belongings. "Pack your plunder, Joe, we're headin' for Cap D'Antibe."

Posse- An underwriting syndicate

Powerful ~ very. "He's a powerful rich man."

POW WOW- FRB meeting

Pull in your horns ~ back off a trading strategy.

Rake and scrape- Asset recovery in Chapter 11

Road agent- Distressed debt investor

Rodeo- A congressional hearing

Round up- Looking for white knight investors

Rich ~ amusing, funny, improbable. "Oh, that's a rich pitch!"

Ride shank's mare ~ to be laid off.

Riding shotgun-What Bernanke did for Paulson

Rob the bank- Borrow from the Fed

Roostered ~ drunk. "Looks like those Wall Street boys are all in there gettin' all roostered up."

Russling- Making a market

Russler- market maker

Scatter Gun- The TARP legislation

Seeing the elephant ~ Going to Wall Street or the City of London, where all the action is.

Sell your saddle- Resign from office

Scalping- Marking to market

Scoop in ~ trick, entice, inveigle. "He got scooped into a credit swap and lost his shirt."

Scuttlebutt ~ market rumors.

Shave tail ~ a green, inexperienced hedge fund trader.

Shoddy ~ poor quality paper.

Shoot, Luke, or give up the gun ~ poop or get off the pot, do it or quit talking about it. Come on Hank, shoot luke or give up the gun!

Shoot one's mouth off ~ talk nonsense, untruth. "Wilumstead was shootin' his mouth off and Paulson gave him a black eye."

Shove the queer ~ to pass securitized assets (CDOs).

Simon pure ~ the real thing, a genuine fact. "This market bust is Simon pure."

Sitting "Bull"- Richard Fuld

Skedaddle ~ run like hell.

Smoke the Pipe- Listen to a lecture on self regulation and free markets

Snake oil salesman- Seasoned investment banker

Stage Coach- Limo service

Stampede-A market run

Stand the gaff ~ take punishment in good spirit. "Wall Street bankers can't really stand the gaff."

Stumped ~ confused. I'm stumped!

Sun up-Market open

Sun down-Market close

Superintend ~ oversee, supervise. "He just likes to superintend everything."

Take French leave ~ to desert, sneak off without permission.

Take the rag off ~ surpass, beat all. "Well, good old Warren knows how to take the rag off the bush."

The Old States ~ back East.

The whole kit and caboodle ~ the entire company.

The Unforgiven- Enron

Throw up the sponge ~ File Chapter 11 petition

Tombstone-An announcement

The Undertaker- Harvey Miller- Undisputed dean of the bankruptcy bar, currently represents Lehman

Up the spout ~ gone to waste/ruin. The bank's capital went up the spout.

Wake up/Woke up the wrong passenger ~ to trouble or anger an activist investor.

Wampum- Money

Workin the utter-Interview with Maria Bartiromo

The Wild Bunch-Hedge fund managers

Wind up ~ settle. "Let's wind up this business and go home."

Wyatt Erp- Elliot Spitzer

Yammerin- Talking to investors at a roadshow

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