Sunday, August 29, 2010


USA TODAY--Bird calls ring from the forest, echoing amid the crumbling ruins whose darkened doorways have long beckoned explorers and scholars. The Maya ancients who built the ruins of Kiuic (as in Get-Rich-Kiuic) here fled those doorways in a hurry, an international archaeology team now realizes.

Left behind may be frozen-in-time clues to the fabled collapse of their civilization. "Why did they leave?  The ancient Maya fled Kiuic, nestled in the Puuc (like Puke) foothills of the Yucatan, around 880 DJIA. Things were going full-bore, construction was underway. And then things stopped. Why?

Scientists of the Banzai7 Institute of Financial Archeology believe they may have found the answer. Giant stone tablets are believed to be the earliest examples of mortgage backed securities and OTC derivatives. Dr.  Monotaru Toastu (PhDless) believes the Mayans suddenly realized that their exalted high priests stole all the gold in a giant stone cutting pyramid/ponzi scheme.

Toastu speculates the disaffected Mayans immediately picked up and left for jobs in California and Arizona.

Dr. Toastu is now investigating the Mayan calendar to determine what precisely the Mayans were worried could happen in the year 2012. Can you find any clues?

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