Monday, April 11, 2011


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Commemorating the Billion Dollar Single Term president


  1. The problem with the usage of Uncle Tom is the attempt to implement era specific black thought by an outsider. Black thought is a myth to peoples who are not of African origin, it doesn't exist. Without the relevant cultural experience you don't really have the proper judgement on the usage of this terminology. You can't be a tourist in black thought or a black community in america and try to fit in as an expat as you would would taking a job in a foreign country.

    The issues that peoples of African decent face in this world are ones in which non Africans are long over due to step out of the way of. Your best bet as a human being is to be kind and helpful where you are welcome and surround yourself with as many like you as you can. Hopefully those around you will be diverse and from a variety of backgrounds, weaving a new community based on ideas of cooperation and not the conflict of ethnicity.

    The other problem I see with using this term is the expectation you create and those that support such imagery create. Barack Obama should not be as a man or a president what your "black thought" or anyone else's "black thought" dictates. He should be judged by his actions as a human being and not a fulfillment of a black president. You take that away from him when you use racial imagery. How can we let a human being be human if we keep stoking these definitions through popular culture. How can Barack Obama be judged for better or worse as long as we pair him with ethno-specific insults.

  2. Hi, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I wish you had put this on Zero Hedge as well.

    I understand what you are saying. After my early years in NY, I was lucky enough to move overseas where cultural diversity and acceptance was not only the norm, it was expected, at least in the school I went to.

    I was in a similar environment during my University years. One thing I noticed. In an integrated environment, no one got bent out of shape over ribbing. Any way, that is who I am. I have always come to the defense of people who are unfairly attacked.

    With respect to Obama, I spent some time deliberating over the image. As far as I am concerned he is a turn coat. perhaps I am naive. But I thought he would be a better man.

    Now I could depict him as Benedict Arnold, Nero, Judas and all kinds of others and it would be meaningless.

    I looked around at what others had said about this analogy and, particularly after viewing the Black Panther video and the Nader video, decided to go ahead and post. But at the same time I bared my soul. I admitted openly before a somewhat hostile audience why I felt betrayed.

    I don't do these images to flatter the targets of my satire. You will see that I play absolutely no favorites.
    I am sure Mr Obama would not like these images since he, like the rest of us can often be uncomfortable with the truth. I certainly hope that somehow one of them winds up on his desk.

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  3. I feel as betrayed as you do. I really believed and wanted to believe in this presidency. Obama is indeed deserving of strong criticism and everyone should express openly how they feel. I stopped believing when he appointed summers and geithner. That was at the very start. I remember throwing up my hands at a dinner table with obama supporters and I said well thats it, its only going to get worse. No one believed me.

    To blog as you feel is a brave thing, I commend your bravery.

    I don't post at ZH as the comment section is very busy and there are a few provocateurs that destroy almost every thread.

  4. Tnx

    I am focused on making lots of noise about what has happened.

    Everyone of the those clowns is fair game for me.

    It is a travesty.

    If you want to follow everything I am doing follow my twitter stream @williambanzai7

    I always like to get suggestions from readers as well;-)