Thursday, May 19, 2011


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  1. banzai, how come i got kicked off zerohedge? why won't tyler let me be a member of zerohedge again. i can't post a comment nor vote. did you have something to do with this? please let me back in, i want to be a part of zerohedge† i have always supported you, now could you please support me. i am going through some tough times right now, and need to have you be my friend.

  2. I have no idea. I don't think they would do that to anyone unless they told you they would do it.

    Send them an email and check if you are having a log in problem.

  3. good morning or evening or rather tomorrow. how come you got me kicked off the hedge again? no fair† not that i ever have a damn thing to say. but i like to vote and track.

  4. Hi,
    I did not get you kicked off. You have to realize that I have too many other distractions to even think about this kind of stuff and then only if someone really breaks all norms of conduct.

    That has only happened on my threads once, and it was not you, not even remotely.

    Last time around I sent an email on your behalf stating that you always behaved around posts.

    There really is not much else I can do.

    You get plenty of hostile responses to your musings. maybe you should consider adjusting your commenting style.