Thursday, February 21, 2013


For some time now I have been asked by many of you if I would produce signed print editions of some of my works. I have been reluctant to do so unless I could produce something of  a quality that would look exceptional displayed on a wall as well as meeting the expectations of collectors. By this I mean expectations in terms of coloring, print resolution texture and paper stock.

As usual, I am learning that there is more to the exercise than meets the eye.

It is not as simple as printing images off a computer screen or walking to a photo processing kiosk. What looks good on a computer  will not necessarily look good coming out of a printer, particularly of the consumer variety.

It has taken a while, but I have finally found an excellent fine art printer to collaborate with. He is not a simple photo printer. He is an artist and understands how to maximize aesthetic impact for the audience.
His clients are professional photographers and artists. He operates with state of the art digital printing equipment made in Germany.

I won't go into the details, but there is a big difference when you are working with someone who is primarily interested in optimizing quality as opposed to simply moving product. This is not a simple "here print this" exercise. We have a discussion, he gets the vibe, runs test strips for me to preview and only after we are both happy will we print. Fortuitously, he also gets what the content is about!

I have selected two initial prints to kick-off Visual Combat Art Prints: "The PhD Quack" and "Fiat Fornicatio." The two images work well together since they both relate to the subject of fiat quackery, deficits and banksterism. One of the images is actually embedded in the other. You can preview them both below. But let me tell you, the screen pictures do not do them justice. The coloring is vibrant and literally jumps of the page. These two look good, they are satirical and they are full of relevant historical context.

In short they are fine examples of "Visual Combat."

THE PHD QUACK (First Printing)

FIAT FORNICATIO (First Printing)

I am pricing these at US $150 a piece, inclusive of certified air post in a hard poster shipping tube. Each print will be signed by WilliamBanzai7 and numbered by order of sale with a personal note attached and the amount of the US National Debt as of the date of shipment. If you prefer alternative shipping arrangements the cost will be passed through. The size is roughly 18/24 inches. The medium is pigmented ink on acid free watercolor paper, archivability 100 years+.

As many of you know, I have been doing Visual Combat on a daily basis for three years now. I have done so tirelessly without any profit motivation. The T-Shirts and mugs have really been primarily a courtesy for those of you who have made requests and I will continue to take your requests for this purpose.

Overall, it has been an important learning experience for me, not only in the sense of developing and fine tuning an artistic style, but also learning how to be attentive to an audience that I appreciate not only for its encouragement, but its intelligence and idea sharing as well. We've come a long way and I have plenty of ideas for expanding into new frontiers, the long awaited coffee table book being just one example.

However, I have reached the proverbial crossroads. If I am to continue with what I have been doing (and love to do) I will need your collective support. I have been reluctant to solicit support in the form of donations and digital tips. I'm not passing judgement on others who do so. It is just not my style.  I would rather produce something of high quality that I can give you in return.

If you are interested in purchasing one or both prints, please contact me at this email address: for ordering and payment instructions. Please include the quantity ordered and postal shipping address. Naturally, all correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

If you have a special print request for any other Banzai7 work please do not hesitate to ask. There are so many images that I have done and everyone has their own favorites.

As always, I appreciate the continued support of each and everyone of you and look forward to continuing together long into the future.

Yours sincerely,


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