Friday, January 30, 2009

(We're an American Band, Grand Funk Railroad)

Had my bonus barely thirty days,
Last night Obama put me in a purple haze.
Sweet, sweet con jobs -- that's my act,
We had the whole show and thats an unnatural fact.
Up all night watchin Larry King,
Got to tell you jokers bout Wall Street Bling.
Booze n Ponzi tradin keep me right,
As long as we can make it through the show we're alright.

We're an American SCAM.
We're an American SCAM.
We're coming to your town, well drive your net worth down.
We're an American SCAM.

Four SPIVs from Bermuda,
Just waitin for the returns from the good old days.
Feelin good, feelin right, its Saturday night,
The SEC detectives -- still out-a-sight.
Now, these fine Wall Street bankers, they had a plan,
They was out to get bailout bonus toys in their hands.
They said, come on, dudes, lets get it on,
And they proceeded to tear the markets down.


We're an American SCAM...

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