Monday, May 18, 2009


Here is a picture of Ken Screwless Lewis' pimped out Lincoln Navigator (c/o DealBreaker).

We asked Ricardo Montalban (is he still alive?) to help describe this fine example of four wheeled Charlotte/Wall Street banker wannabee vanity.


He knows his own needs, and what he knows he needs from an automobile, Ken "Screwless" Lewis gets from this pimped out Lincoln Navigator Custom Bailout Special. I Ricardo (Fantasy Island) Montalban could ask for nothing beyond the quality of a timeless Chrysler Cordoba. But, for a two bit bailout bandito like Ken, much more is necessary to satisfy his manly desires.

Behold, the Bailout Special. Notice the lack of fine Corinthian leather, notice the tacky chrome detailing, the sky bailout blue finish and truly pitiful vanity plate which announces the arrival of a triple AAA CEO dimwit who thinks he is a true swinging Wall Street "cahone" ....but, whose brains are barely the size of my trusted friend Tattoo's left cahone (sorry Tattoo).

What more can I say, the man's taste is as questionable as his judgement as a CEO, and is rivaled only by the caballero who keeps a commode in his office.

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