Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bank bailouts move forward at warp speed while regulatory reform sputters along in the slow lane. Which is just the way Wall Street wants it. Its motto is: if it's broke (but you keep bailing us out), why fix it?

Arianna Huffington

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  1. Why did the bailout money go to banks, automakers and insurance companies. It should have gone to us, the ones that needed it. The amount of money that has gone out would have been about $500,000 per adult in this country. After we paid our taxes on this amount, the government wins too, that would have amounted to about $600,000 for each family. That would have been enough to pay off cars and perhaps bought new ones, paid off homes and had some left over to start college or retirement funds. We would have spent this country out of the recession, jobs would have been saved as well as 401k's and IRA's so that we could have retired. But alas we had to bail out the very ones that put us in our current situation. Go figure!