Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nice Comments

John Byrne, Executive Editor, tweeted: All the best financial news fit to sing. That's the ingenious blog of williambanzai7

You are a truly literate satirist William, I doff my hat to you!

Leroy Was Here on

NYT--When will Dealbook publish the brilliant collective songs of the great William Banzai the 7th?

— Posted by Ernie Lynch

WSJ--williambanzai7 you are an absolute genius this is one the best sacarstic blog comments in the history of blogging! PEFERCTO it’s funnier than all of the SNL Skits!! You should be on Tv!!!!

Comment by callstreets


I’m a huge fan of Banzai’s Christmas Collection.

— Posted by Abby Tucson, AZ

On Floyd Norris' Blog:

Fuzzy Bank 1… 2 … 3…

BTW: It’s William Banzai that can fin-rap… check this out…
— Cate Long

* BW & the guys wrote on WSJ blog re BAILOUT U.S.A.:

Bitchin presntation Mr. WilliamBanzai7, very clever. were stoked. Hawthorne High honors you. I read your revision - in my room. How about this one? The NWO took my T-Bird away, or it’s not real fine my 4-01- K. I remember when the Undertaker use to hang 10 at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach (California) on his Dewey Webber long board. Who is he? I’ll never tell, but he sure gives the globalists hell. Stay cool man.



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