Friday, May 29, 2009


NYT--Bing, the name Microsoft gave to the new search service it unveiled Thursday, is its answer to Google — a noun that once meant little but has become part of the language as a verb that is a synonym for executing a Web search. After months of, uh, searching, Microsoft settled on Bing to replace the all-too-forgettable Live Search, which itself replaced MSN Search.

BANZAI7 NEWS just looked up BING in the Urban Dictionary and found the following entry made March 1, 2005:

"Someone who blatantly attempts to hide a lack of understanding in a skilled discipline (particularly in computing), using arrogance and the humiliation of others as key methods."

This sounds like the Microsoft M/O.

But wait, what about Chinese Actress Bing, Bing (aka Yum Yum):

Or the well known Badda Bing Club:

Fuggetabout it! Hows about Adult Entertainment Actress Carmela Bing:

This is who comes up on top of a GOOGLE Image Search of "Bing".

Badda Bing! Badda Banzai7!

MAY 29--BANZAI7 LABS announces plans to offer BANZAI7 SEARCH--An engine that generates search results in parody and satirical form.

Who is he????

Note: One of these days someone is going to bring you MUMBAI Search: Just type in your query and you will be immediately chat connected with your dedicated live search team leader "Sanjit Find-it."

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