Friday, September 26, 2008

Ballad of John McCain
(to the Melody of the Ballad of the Green Berets)


Wall Street bailout do or die
Fearing not as his campaign slides
He who means not what he say'in
He's their man, Big John McCain

He's got wings less finance brains
He's their man, the grand old best
They will vote, for TARP today
But only if he first says yes

Trained to babble when he speaks
Trained to dabble economics
He will babble day and night
From John McCain its double speak


Back at home waits the GOP
Did John get his foto opp-ortunity
Has he sold the public's best
Leaving Wall Street its request

Hes got wings upon his chest
Hes their man the GOP's best
He's a man we'll detest one day
If he wins election day

(I liked McCain once upon a time)

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