Friday, February 6, 2009


(Shock-headed Peter, Struwwelpeter)

Just look at him! there he stands,
With his nasty securitised hair and over leveraged hands.
See! his greedy bonus nails are never cut;
They are grimed as black as dirty subprime Wall Street soot;
And the sloven deadbeat, I declare,
Never once has combed his financial hair;
Anything to me is sweeter
Than to see Shock-headed Subprime Peter.

Struwwelpeter is an old German book of illustrated children's tales that are scary, somewhat twisted and Tim Burtonesque. Each story has an implied moral. The English version can be viewed here:

It occurred to me that some of the Struwwelpeter tales adapt well to the "Great Subprime Meltdown", hence "WilliamBanzai7's Subprime Struwwelpeter.

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