Thursday, February 5, 2009

(Heinrich Hoffman's Struwwelpeter, Inky Boys)

The Story of the Red Ink Bailout Boys
As he had often done before,
The newly elected President
One nice fine day went out
To see his constituents, and walk about;
Then Johnny Thain, little noisy banker wag,
Ran out and laughed, and waved his big red bonus flag;
And Vikram Pandit came in jacket trim,
And brought his French jet fleet and baseball stadium sponsorship with him;
And Ken Lewis, too, snatched up his toys
And joined the other naughty Wall Street boys.
So, one and all set up a roar,
And laughed and looted more and more,
And kept on singing,--only think!--
"Oh, Obama, we pay ourselves huge bonuses with taxpayer red ink!"
Now tall Secretary Geithner lived close by--
So tall, he almost touched the Wall Street sky;
He had a mighty regulatory inkstand, too,
In which a great Federal goose-feather grew;
He called out in an angry tone
"Boys, you better leave your Wall Street bonus toys home!
For, if Obama tries with all his might,
He he will put your loss riddled banks a bonus black hole overnite."
But, ah! they did not mind a bit
What great Geithner said of it;
But went on laughing, as before,
And hooting about their bonus hoard.
Then great Geithner foams with rage--
Look at him on this very page!
He seizes Thain, seizes Ken,
Takes Pandit by his little head;
And they may scream and kick and call,
Into the TARP black ink he dips them all;
Into the inkstand, one, two, three,
Till they are now bonus capped as capped can be.

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