Friday, March 13, 2009


CNBC Gunfight On Comedy Channel
(Gunfight at the Ok Coral, Frankie Lane)

Sing along link:

Comedy Channel, Comedy Channel
there Cramer and the CNBC band made their final stand
Comedy Channel
Oh poor Jim Cramer got poked in both eyes
Lay down you CNBC bums we'll take a chance on losing you forever
Journalistic duty never called
Now Stewart's got your backs against the wall
have you no intelligent words to say
before the Nielson ratings ride away
You love you love
Wall Street's ponziesque schemes
you love
Keep the sexy anchor dames, let the rest burn
until the asset bubbles return
for the gunfight on the Comedy Channel
if the lord of satiric comedy is my friend
They'll meet once again
Of the gunfight at Comedy Channel
Comedy Channel
Boot hill Boot hill
so cold so still
There they lay side by side
the CNBC shlock jocks that died
in the gunfight on Comedy Channel
Comedy Channel

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