Friday, March 13, 2009


In today's NYT Dealbook:

Just how much of a secret are Merrill Lynch’s bonus numbers? As secret as, say, the recipe for Carvel’s ice cream?

That was the comparison that Bank of America’s lawyers made Friday morning in a New York courtroom, as they tried to persuade a judge to let them keep information about the investment bank’s top-earning employees private.

The lawyers compared the legal battle over the pay data — which Andrew M. Cuomo, the attorney general of New York, is seeking as part of an investigation — to a lawsuit involving the secret formula for Carvel’s famous desserts, according to an audio feed of the testimony from the Courtroom View Network.

But lawyers for Mr. Cuomo’s office weren’t buying the ice-cream argument.

You be the judge. I think Tom Carvels recipes show more depth than Merrill's lawyers.

Here's some securitized subprime cakes that only Merrill bakes
Their made fresh so we can screw you every trading day
Cause that's the Merrill way
And while your at the store
See Bailout Gus and more
And don't forget about
Mug Me the Bear Market Bear

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