Wednesday, July 22, 2009



BANZAI7 NEWS-- Moron Stanley reported its third consecutive quarterly loss on Wednesday, the latest indication of the challenges it faces as it tries to pull itself out of the financial crisis.

Moron Stanley has also set aside 72 percent of its second-quarter revenue for compensation and benefits, more than Goldman Sachs Group Inc. or JPMorgan Chase & Co., amid a “war for talent” with rivals that generate more money.

As the French would say, "Our "negative revenues" have set strong but not insurmountable headwinds to our employee compensation schemes."

ANY MORON WHO THINKS WALL STREET firms put their shareholder interests before their employees needs to have his brains re-threaded!

And no it really does not matter if you make money or lose money or crash and burn or get bailed out, you get your bonus either way! Remember you are America's best and brightest.

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