Sunday, October 4, 2009


BANZAI7 NEWS--The trustee pursuing Bernard Madoff's assets sued four more relatives of the Ponzi scheme architect Friday in a legal battle to recover at least $199 million on behalf of thousands of burned investors.

While not accusing them of knowing participation in the scam, the lawsuit charged that they "were completely derelict" in carrying out the compliance and supervisory responsibilities required by their jobs at the Madoff firm.

WB7: This sounds like a good theory for suing the morons at FINRA and the SEC. Mary Shapiro, the Chairwoman of the SEC, who was in charge of FINRA at the time, would be a good candidate. While not accusing Shapiro of knowing participation in the scam, the lawsuit could charge that she "was completely derelict" in executing the compliance and supervisory responsibilities of FINRA as they pertained to the Madoff firm.

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  1. Just got this in an email:

    Small Firms FINRA Election: Beware Vote Fraud

    With only three weeks to go until the results of what is arguably the most important election in FINRA history (given the current regulatory environment) the SIPA has discovered an active fraud aimed at converting your vote. Don't be a victim; help stop the corruption (read more here)

    Now more than ever, it is vitally important to make your voice heard. The winds of regulatory change are blowing; preserve what you've worked so hard to achieve. There is no place for corruption, selective enforcement or graft in our financial system. Particularly when it is aimed at small firms. Join the SIPA now, and make your voice heard. It's free to join.

    "The voice of thousands of registered persons cannot be wrong"