Thursday, October 22, 2009


I believe in jobless recoveries.

I believe the DOW is undervalued at 10,000

I believe Timmy Geithner and Larry Summers are not Wall Street bag men.

I believe that American Banks are trying to help distressed homeowners get out of debt.

I believe that Wall Street firms still put women on pedestals.

I believe that credit default swaps are critical risk management tools best left unregulated.

I believe in unfettered free markets and financial self regulation.

I believe the Dotcom business model.

I believe in moron hazard.

I believe Glen Beck actually cries on camera.

I believe everything on Fox News and CNBC.

I believe the Heene family are being targeted by the Helium Balloon Lobby.

I believe Twitter will make money sooner than Facebook.

I believe ATM machines are smarter than bank tellers.

I believe Congress is not a corrupt racketeering enterprise.

I believe the LTCM blow up was an unexpected Black Swan event.

I believe hedge funds are transparent and better left unregulated.

I believe Chinese goods are safe and environmentally friendly.

I believe Sarah Palin is safe and environmentally friendly.

I believe Rush Limbaugh is widely misunderstood.

I believe the GOP will rise up and reclaim its rightful title as the party of idiots, sexual deviants and bigots.

I believe the Health Insurance Industry has America's best interests at heart.

I believe private inequity is the best way to restructure efficient businesses.

I believe markets police fraud.

I believe Bernie Madoff.

I believe Ivan Boesky was framed.

I believe flash orders, insider trading and high frequency trading are good for Wall Street.

I believe that Alan Greenspan is a wise economic sage.

I believe the Jints will meet the Jets in this year's Superbowl.

I believe bankers are underpaid and under appreciated.

I believe Dick Fuld was framed by naked aliens disguised as naked short sellers.

I believe AIG will pay it all back.

I believe 2 big 2 fail means 2 dumb 2 know better.

I believe Hank Paulsen never had a conflict of interest.

I believe everything Lloyd Blankfein says. Really I do.

I believe JP Morgan is a perpetual hall of Saints.

I believe that whats good for Goldman Bozos is good for Goldman Bozos.

I believe Wall Street will make sure Ronald Reagan finally does succeed in making America what it once was...


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