Friday, June 26, 2009



Today we mourn the loss of arguably the greatest pop icon of all time. Everyone seems to feel they have lost something as a result of Michael Jackson's tragic passing.

And why not? Michael Jackson is a metaphor for America in many uncomfortable respects. One day, a cultural anthropologist could very well study the history of this popular but tragic hero and make some of the following observations.

He was truly gifted but in the end squandered his talent.

His adolescence was sacrificed at the alter of success and fame.

He was grossly misunderstood.

His material needs were excessive.

He was obsessed with personal appearance and was cosmetically altered to the point of the grotesque.

The public was obsessed with his successes as well as his miseries and failures.

He was emotionally troubled and over medicated.

He was no stranger to litigation.

He was bloated with leverage and running from financial ruin.

He was a prisoner of public expectation.

He was physically over driven to pull himself out of a very big hole.

He died too young.

Well Dr. Anthropologist, what does the life of this tragic modern day hero imply about the society that worshiped him?

"Gonna dance 'til we burn this disco out"

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