Tuesday, June 16, 2009


BANZAI7 NEWS--The CIA has reportedly cut its ties to the two psychologists credited for being the architects of the CIA's brutal interrogation program after 9/11, a news report said yesterday. Dr. James Mitchell and Dr. Bruce Jessen, who suggested and supervised waterboarding at secret prisons around the world have been told their services are no longer needed.

Mitchell and Jenson are unfazed. Both confirmed that the growth segment of the market for their services is financial water boarding. Mitchell said the "Ken Lewis" operation (aka operation "Bullshot") that resulted in the merger of Merrill and Bank America opened new avenues of opportunity for the field of enhanced coercive techniques in financial institution workouts. Asked about the details of the Bullshot operation, Mitchell declined further details other than to remark that Lewis initially wanted to go waterboarding thinking it was some kind of macho Wall Street extreme sport for investment bankers like Johnny Thain.

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