Wednesday, June 10, 2009



BANZAI7 NEWS--“Una-banker” Tod Ka-ching-ski, who terrorized the markets with a series of FWMD derivative bombs, is fighting to stop a foreclosure auction of his diaries and other personal possessions. But Ka-ching-ski’s legal battle will come to an end soon unless he can convince the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case.

The property that is up for auction includes Ka-Ching-Ski's quantitative models, laptops, lucite blocks and a hatchet; Ka-ching-ski’s degrees from Harvard Business School and the University of Chicago; and the glasses and hooded jacket made famous by an artist’s rendering of the Una-banker for column two of the Wall Street Journal. But experts say the most valuable items probably will be the 40,000 pages of Ka-ching-ski’s trading book and Ka-Ching-Ski's vinyl Algorithm and Blues collection.

The only way that the Una-banker victims are going to receive any sort of restitution from Ted Ka-ching-ski is if the government auctions off his personal belongings. At this point, Ka-Ching-ski owes his victims untold Billions.

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