Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Carolina Governor Back From Beyond

BANZAI7 NEWS--The whereabouts of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford this past week just became a bit more curious, as if they hadn’t already stirred quite a bit of chatter in his home state and beyond.

Earlier this morning, a reporter for The State newspaper in Columbia, S. C., acted on a tip and confronted the governor at the Atlanta airport as he deplaned from, uh, not the Appalachian Trail as his staff had finally disclosed on Monday night, but Buenos Aires.

No word on the Governor's mysterious traveling companion.

Update: COLUMBIA, S.C.—South Carolina's first lady says she asked Gov. Mark Sanford to leave home and stop talking to her two weeks before he publicly admitted an affair with a woman he visited on a secret trip to Argentina.

Jenny Sanford said in a statement Wednesday that she needed a trial separation from her husband of nearly 20 years to preserve her own sense of dignity.

Still no word on the identity of the masked companion seen with Sanford at the airport.

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