Sunday, September 27, 2009


BANZAI7 NEWS--Officials in southeastern China acknowledged on Saturday that 121 children living near a battery plant had excessive lead in their bloodstreams, according to the state news media.

Last month, health officials in Hunan Province revealed that more than 1,300 children living near a manganese processing plant had lead poisoning.

The disclosure came a few days after 850 children in rural Shaanxi Province were found to have been contaminated by lead levels so high that 174 of them had to be hospitalized.

(Cuban Pete, Jim Cary)

They call me Green China Pete,
I'm the contaminated king of the factory pollution beat,
When I play these synthetic Maracas I sing
China sicky we doomed
Wanna China sicky green boom?

Yes, sir, I'm Green China Pete
I'm livin in the smoggy haze, of my native Shanghai street
When I start to dance, everything goes
China sicky we doomed
Wanna China sicky green boom?

The environmentalists they scream,
And the police swing their rubber hose.
It's not very nice!
But its the economic price
And when the factory workers dance they bring a happy ring,
They're don't care-o, just sing a happy song....
All the day long!

So if you don't like the global warming heat,
Take a lesson from Green China Pete,
And I'll teach you to
China sicky we doomed
Wanna China sicky green boom?
China chicky boom boom!

China is smooooooooookin
Hu Jin Tao: Somebody stop weeeeeeeee!

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