Friday, September 25, 2009

G20=G Sachs

BANZAI7 NEWS--The Group of 20 unveiled plans to merge with Goldman Sachs. Following the merger, it will change its name to G. Sachs Unlimited a draft communique said on Friday.

President Obama said: Since we are already employing so many former Goldman executives and since Goldman executives contributed huge wads of bonus booty to my campaign, Timmy assured me this is the next logical move.

Vladimir Putin said: Goldman executed its AIG cover up in a manner even the KGB can admire and learn from.

French President Sarcastic said: They, Goldman, seem to be model global citizens.

Gordon Brown said: I am lucky to still be around.

Chancelor Mercury said: As long as we German's can keep manufacturing and they keep purchasing high-end vehicles, we really don't care what Goldman does on Wall Street.

Japanese Prime Minister Suki Yaki said: When Goldman says "bairu oto", Tokyo listens.

Premier Fu Gin Dow Jones said: Hello, I am Fu Gin Dao Jones...and you are not.

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