Monday, September 28, 2009


BANZAI7 NEWS--The sudden move by Swiss authorities to arrest Roman Polanski for possible extradition to the United States after 31 years as a fugitive – and countless visits to Switzerland in the interim – has roused diplomats, offended supporters of the filmmaker and left more than a few onlookers asking themselves the same question.

If it takes 31 years to catch Roman Polanski, how long will it take to catch Osama Bin Laden?


  1. The arrest certainly seemed odd to me after so many years.

  2. A lot of things are odd after so many years, lynnrockets:

    Prosecute the LAPD, not Lisker

    Re “Lisker’s 26-year legal odyssey comes to an end,” Sept. 22

    Congratulations to The Times for its excellent investigative journalism in the Bruce Lisker case.

    It was very satisfying to read that he is finally free and will not be retried, for now at least.

    Even if the district attorney's office still had all the evidence and witnesses it had in 1983, it would still be very unlikely that Lisker would be convicted because he is innocent, as your reporting clearly showed.

    The party in this matter that should be prosecuted is the LAPD, for depriving Lisker of 26 years of his life.

    Fred Barker