Monday, November 9, 2009


Guest Post spotted on Dealbreaker:

Goldman Sachs "Tough" Interview Questions (supposedly from a job coach who has interviewed many people who have gone through the GS hiring process..)

1. When two planes of existance collide, what effect does that have on Reebopulan cargo shipments to planet MNB4532?

2. How few "Bucky Balls" can fit on the head of an AIG risk manager?

3. A Goldman Sach managing Director cuts himself accidentally on a Citi pitchbook. What color of green will ooze from the cut?

4. A GS trader, an AIG trader and a former Lehman trader meet each other on thee street and shake hands. In whose hand will there be gold as a result? Whose hand will have a lead ingot and in whose hand will their be Milk Dud like goat spoor?

5. In Meebian mathematics, rhomboid co-signis fromulates when Earth markets are in turmoil. What is the suare root of a Meebiam prime number exposed to Earth's oxygen.

6. A GS trader starts to gold leaf his scrotum at 11:00pm EST using a steel chalice and a butane blowtorch. Meanwhile , a GS trader in London starts the same procedure at Greenwich Mean Time. Given the coefficient of testicular expansion in Earth's atmosphere, how long in sarctoids will it take to singe hair on both traders testicles?

7. A dangerous viral epidemic is sweeping Earth. Using Brontoidian mind-meld methods, how long must a GS representative stare at a CDC administrator before being handed all the vaccine the firm needs?

8. How many krill would it take to make a 1.0 Richter scale flatulent explosion from a sperm whale?

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