Friday, January 22, 2010


BANZAI7 NEWS--An Illinois man was sentenced to more than 16 years in prison for helping to lead an identity theft ring that counted Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and his wife Anna among its victims.

Leonardo Darned Zanders, 49, of Dolton, Illinois, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee (yes, Bruce Lee) in Alexandria, Virginia, to 200 months in prison over his role in the ring that caused the Trillion dollar bailout of at least 10 financial institutions, the Justice Department said in a statement.
Darned Zanders pleaded guilty on Sept. 21 to conspiring to commit bailout fraud. He helped direct the scheme to use the IDs, a black mask and stolen AIG counter party information to make 100% collateral payouts on busted credit default swaps held by busted banks like Goldman Sachs.

Timmy G said: "I had absolutely nothing to do with this."

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