Thursday, January 28, 2010


"The public—as aggrieved owners, taxpayers, and savers—has every right to question the banks' methods and practices. If they don't want us poking around their business, they can shrink their balance sheets, replace subsidized debt with market debt, stop relying on the Federal Reserve for funding, and get out of our index funds. As film mogul Samuel Goldwyn once said: "Include me out!"---Newsweek

"Over the last few years, everything has been given to financial capitalism, and nothing has gone to labor. All that mattered was the present─the future counted for nothing. Companies took higher profits, yet inequity continued to grow. Capitalism is not an end─it should be a means to an end...If we don't reform the system, we'll be taking unforgivable risks in the future."--French President Nicholas Sarkozy

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